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Lecithin granules - Non - G...

Made from non-GM soya beans, Optima 100% Pure Lecithin Granules make the perfect addition to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Provides Linoleic Acid which contributes to the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels. Our Lecithin...
£7.99 £9.35

Vecon 225g

Vegetable stock
£3.59 £4.58
Just Natural Herbs

Peppercorns Black (Box) 25g

Org Peppercorns Black 25g Packed in to a just natural carton
£1.79 £2.00
Just Natural Herbs

Oregano (Glass Jar) 10g

Oregano (Glass Jar) 10g
£1.89 £2.00
Just Natural Herbs

Ginger Ground (Box) 30g

Org Ginger Ground 30g Packed in to a just natural carton
£1.79 £2.00
Just Natural Herbs

Coriander Ground (Box) 40g

Org Coriander Ground 40g Packed in to a just natural carton
£1.79 £2.00
Just Natural Herbs

Herbs De Provence (Box) 20g

Org Herbs De Provence 20g Packed in to a just natural carton with a window on the front and the barcode on the rear
£1.69 £2.00

Dog Food Adult Original 2kg

Benevo Dog Original is a complete vegan dog food with a special wheat-free recipe, making it ideal for those dogs that also suffer from sensitivities to wheat protein (a common ingredient in dry dog foods)....
£9.99 £12.79

Org Natural Soya Yogurt 400g

Org Natural Soya Yogurt 400g
£1.29 £1.99

Antibac Cleaner Orange Yuzu...

You're gonna love this. There's a new anti-bac in town and it's made with a new naturally derived lactic acid formula that smells like sunny citrus. Plus, you'll be happy to know that it kills...
£2.99 £5.40
Good Hemp

Good Hemp Extra Virgin Hemp...

Hemp seeds, squeezed quite hard. Our extra virgin hemp seed oil is high in all the good fats, packed full of omega 3 and is really low in saturated fat (40% less than olive oil)....
£7.99 £8.95

Moroccan Spiced Couscous 200g

Moroccan Spiced Couscous - Golden couscous with exotic spices, sultanas & pine nuts
£1.59 £1.99

Azores Tuna Fillets in Spri...

100% pole and line fished in the Azores, Fish4Ever skipjack sets the highest standard in quality and sustainability. Working only from whole fish, landed fresh and fished locally, this is tuna you can trust. Packed...
£2.99 £3.15
Green Basket

Green Seedless Grapes 500 gr

Organic Green Seedless Grapes 500 gr A good source of vitamin K and vitamin C.  Wash before use Want your items to be delivered? Order from our full range of fresh & chilled food for delivery throughout the...
£9.99 £12.00
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